About My Shameful Taste


My definition of a shameful taste? Well, it’s something that you like BUT you don’t want to share with your friends/colleagues as you may be ridiculed for a long time! Your family already knows who you are and animals don’t care about it, so you are risking few to share with them.

It can be shameful for different reasons: old stuff, romantic, ridiculous, drag queen playlist, not-your-age taste… Basically, a taste that you don’t want to share but you truly like.

In the other way, it’s easy to behave saying that you know an awesome band called “the philosophers troubadours of the void” that you have discovered in a gig’ that fundraised in order to preserve guinea pigs from herpes. These “boutique” bands won’t have place in this website. I will unearth things that were or still are mainstream but somehow shameful!

The content of this website is for all public, so don’t hesitate to share, to like and to forward.

Everyone has their shameful secrets, so don’t worry and share them! Guilty pleasure, some would say!

The things that I will post in this website are truly things that I like and I am sure that many people are sharing this point of view.

I am highlighting some artists and I am doing pretty much work to do these reviews and collect information. You will find serious stuff, but sorry in advance, I can’t help to put my humorous style here and there (if you like, you make my day; if you don’t like, just do something better then share it).

So Thank You in advance to share this website, the Facebook group or the YouTube channel to as much people as you know. If you want to support these artists (buy their products, I am putting affiliate links) and if you want to assist me click on donate or offer me services that will contribute to expand this website (Website design, SEO, content, wigs, 80’s dress…).

You can be as well a resource and suggest shameful stuff to review. Please do so!

Special thanks for the people who created the initial content that I am using for this blog, most of the them are coming from YouTube, Wikipedia or artist’s/fan websites, I’m crediting my source for each review, please check the original sources as well!

For the artists, the one that like this website, we can arrange interviews in order to highlight this period and to promote your new releases. You can drop me an email to myshamefultaste@gmail.com .

For the artists and copyright owners that want me to remove the content. Honestly!!! I am highlighting you, putting links to buy your stuff, to go to your website, citing the sources and enjoining my followers to check it, do some serious review with a pinch of humor… You should pay me to make this promotion; banners are awaiting for generous sponsors. But if you still want that I remove it, I will remove it and create a section in my website called the Hall of Shame where people will see which artists or copyright owners are not cool. If you persist, you can send a request to myshamefultaste@gmail.com .

Special remark: For the people that enjoy to make non-constructive comments, spare your time leaving bad comments and buy yourself an attitude, they are making special promotion nearby your home.


You can call me Shameless. I am a French guy (so basically excuse my French), 40 years old, with wife and kids living in the vibrant city of Shanghai (China). I am setting up a consulting company but I wanted to create this website, since a long time, because, due to my friends, I am a “living” reference of shameful stuff that sticks into your mind. I am A Shameful trend setter!

I let my shameful taste get out of the attic (some are a bit dusty, I hope you won’t have allergies), because life is so short to be ashamed and I’d like to spread the fun.

My preferences are more related to music. I love the music that is playing now but I have a preference for the 80′s and somehow the 90′s. Ahhhhhh, the 80’s so many everlasting tunes, so many unforgettable blockbusters, lavish music videos, female artists that weren’t wearing bras (don’t worry I’ll notice you in my reviews)…People that had the chance to live during this period will understand my meaning and for the others, check out what you missed then start to create a time machine to live this “uncommon” period where people preferred to starve in order to buy tons of hairspray to make their hair going higher (golden years for L’Oreal, I presume).

Most of my reviews are international stuff but I will do some French stuff as well (even if you don’t understand, you can check it and you’ll be surprised to see yourself babbling a French song, hahaha).

Enjoy this as much as I’m enjoying doing that! If I make you smile or make you discover new stuff that you shamefully like, you just make my day!





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