Brace yourselves, the shame is coming back!!!

Dear Shamies,
After a lazy year posting nothing, because I was so busy working and doing other stuff! Sorry about that!
I have seen a kind of buzz starting here, many new users registered (Thanks to all!), I guess that in these troubled times people find comfort in the Shame…
For the newbies, the concept of myshamefultaste is to like songs, videos or other stuff that you won’t share with your friends as you are scared being ridiculed. Well, some don’t even notice that they are ridiculed!

Anyways, while doing other stuff, I was still listening to shameful songs and viewing shameful videos, as I have told you in my earlier post, the 80s are the most prolific yet the most cocaine inspired video producers (people who know this period can relate what I am saying).
I was kind of feeling ashamed that I am not posting that often, but being honest, the editorial I have crafted for the 2 first ones were a bit a prison where it’s a bit uneasy to escape, as it requires many research so in the end the idea of going through all the process was a bit tiring even considering it.
This time I won’t set the bars too high in order to be able to post more often, so I will post videos I’d like to share with few comments and once in a while one that will have the full review as the 2 first posts.

I have already in mind what I will do for the full review, a video from the 80s, nice song, but the video looks like a parody, seriously!!! I will post it in few days, brace yourselves, shame is coming!

But in the meantime, I’d like to share some songs that I like in a shameful way with few of my comments in it.

If you have some ideas of songs to share or to cover, kindly share it with me and if I like it as well, I will cover it; keeping in mind that it has to be shamefully likeable!

See you in few days for the launch back!

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